About Robert

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Hi I’m Robert,


I’m about to retire and just woke up to a few facts. I took some time to learn about diet and lost 35 pounds so far. I have learned and applied the heathy eating. I have gotten off Prilosec, the statin anti-cholesterol pills and 1/2 of the blood pressure medications and aiming to stop those this coming month. Which would leave me medication free. For me this is finally using the wisdom available to me finally.


My wife and I started a business in network marketing. I was not satisfied with the training or the approach they used for dealing with others. So I began looking for a better way. The truth would sound better if I just said I wanted to be fair and honest period. I’ve saved about 2 Tera-bytes on the computer of information and videos. Trust me there is a lot of information and some are lacking in the ethics category.


Well I found Mark Junuszewski and the training he offers. I was amazed with the straight forward approach and the skills of which he spoke. I have recently started the program of MKMMA and have been completely amazed with the process and team we have here. This is so in tune with my belief system that I’m in such harmony with everything, I just happy. I’m focused and moving in the direction in my life I’ve dreamed about and just plain not done it.


I’m learning why, just don’t know the all of it. I’m excited that both my children and my wife are supporting me in the program that is scheduled for 6 months. I see this as a start of my new life, a beginning of something so wonderful it saddens me.

I should have had this information in my hands 45 years ago.

Truth be told, I wasn’t that wise to get the information as its being presented here.


Stay tuned this is not over


Robert Rea