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Week 24 – Today I begin my new LIFE


What an adventure, journey and Mystery these past few months. I’ve described bit and pieces of the path we are on to others and the looks on their faces spoke louder than words spoken. I no longer follow the crowd but am a creator directed by the Loving Spirit which guides me.

The learning by doing the work and sticking to it long enough to establish a good habit was a mystery in the beginning. Now I am part of that Wisdom.

Today I was giving some thought as to what my feelings should say in this post. I was with the families at my church. We had an Easter breakfast and then had an Egg Hunt with flashlights in dark rooms.RGR_0934I took pictures and posted them on the web site. I was engaged and present the entire time. What is special; is I am at peace with myself and have brought LOVE to the central part of my Spirit. I feel in harmony with the universal principles.



Today we have the Commencement ceremony which ends the weekly webinar. This begins our Life being self-directed under our own power and use of our own thoughts. I can see the work I’ve chosen to do in my future. I focus on this moment as to what I need to bring into my life to create the abundant life I have chosen. Things are so different and much slower and able to absorb what is going on in the moment.RGR_0867

The test is when I have 500+ children and I kneel down with one or many and ask with words and sign language, may I take this picture. They know your heart and whether or not they can trust you. This was one of my most delightful days of something I’ve been doing for close to 40 years. I was able to “BE” true in my being and convey this to little ones who have not the ability to speak adult language.


The Joy is filling and the Love shared; fills to overflowing and necessitates sharing with others. Being with all ages is better now. I will spend more time like today to share the Love given, and create a better world, even if there be but only one person at that time.

So many have been part of this journey, both students and guides, and creators of MKMMA. I wish to convey my gratitude to all of you. I do sincerely appreciate all you have done for me and others. I sit here with tears of such Joy, it is blurry. I Love you all and Pray Peace be with you and be shared eloquently amongst all.

I do not end here but Start my new Life.



Welcome, to our new world





Week 23 – Reflecting on Restoration

Week 23 – Reflecting on Restoration

While driving today. I took inventory of how things are in my present state. My effort was guided towards the benefits of the class for myself and others. I feel like the path of restoration of the being I was born as; is very close to being complete.

I know exactly what is being done, how long it takes, where I’m going and what goals I have. My goals were what excited me the most and has left me in an absolute AWE of the process. Not a single goal is focused on me. When I heard the saying “What I want for myself, I want for others” struck a nerve.

I started writing down goals based on what I want for others. Then something fabulous happened. I was talking to a young man and I realized I am shifting to his benefit in all. I wanted so badly to capture that event, but instead merely observed the change that I’ve earned and the effect when people notice what your true motive is.

Finally, deep in silence, the gratitude seemed overwhelming of all the wonderful things that are added or taken away in my present life (habits). I’ve given the past away, the future is not my business, what am I doing efficiently at this moment. How can I bless everything around me?

I have taken the words of our daily practice and now live them, walk in true Faith. Catch my mind going off to someplace I don’t want to be, and simply choosing not to follow.

Here is something that happened when I arrived at an emergency call. 6 Electricians & the Maintenance Manager were standing at a Main Box and looked perplexed. One spoke, and greeted me and asked if I came to help. My answer, “I just put on my super cape and am here to solve the world’s problems”, “where do I need to be”.

OK, out there a bit, but dealing with that level of difficulty requires all of us to be of one accord. That worked and was not planned in any way. The creativity I had as a young child is back. I am no longer just complying in the world. I am Creating a better world, where I am, wherever that happens to be.

Taking the focus off of me and placing it where my NEEDS are; “helping others” has given me an energy that has nothing to do with what breakfast cereal I ate that morning.


Most of my life has involved solving problems. So I’ve been in/of service to others. My basic needs have been met with abundance. Now I see differently and ways to bring more abundance to all. Frankly that does excite me and am seeing that work in moment by moment of my daily experience.

MKMMA did provide the guidance, and were in service to many more than just those of this class. For that I am eternally grateful. As I look at the work I’ve done, few words have the mastery of describing all the benefits received in this experience.

I create what I want most. I heal myself & others; in spirit, mind & body in a loving, grateful & harmonious way. Mostly those around me are receiving a genuine being worth sharing time with.

Receive the Blessings that have already arrived…………







I finished up at work and was headed home. My mind and Spirit filled with anticipation and plans of exactly what I’m going to do. Then MY Wonderful Raphaela sent me a text. “I can go” which meant she didn’t have to work on Saturday and wanted to go with me. My first reaction was Grrrrrrr. In my DMP I wrote “I choose how to react to any experience in Life. So in that momentary GAP I choose to Love my Wife First and respect her desire as well. My answer was “OK with me”

We arrived home and packed the things needed and headed down the road, about 90 miles. The director at the Retreat was not there to give us a Key and the room. We decided to go to a nearby Motel. We arrived at the room and I said “I have to go Pee” (drinking a lot of water for the Fast) Wonderful Raphaela asked if that was going to be my final words. Which I said no. What I did say was “I Love You Sweetheart”

Thus; began the silence. The Fasting had already started. The Noise is gone. I went to a comfortable chair and decided to start here with a Sit. I did not set the timer because I always do that. This time I’m doing everything without the limits. I was so relaxed and at peace and shut the noise off so perfectly that I feel asleep. I awoke when the director of the Retreat responded to a message we left. She took the call and I was able to begin again with the disturbance going on. I went to the Law of Relaxation and surrendered to an understanding that no place would ever be without disturbances because I would be there and I breath and eat, and move to do just that.

This was the most pleasant and Joy filled Sit & Meditation I’ve ever experienced to this point. I have no idea how long I sat there or if I was even awake all of the time. At some point I got up and joined my wife in bed and slept.

Saturday, we checked into the Retreat and this was where I had a vision of the


peacefulness here would Give me something special. I Sat for a while and became very restless and wrote a note to say “Let’s go for a walk” – She is talking and says “Yes”. The property is big and we walked around it. I thought of bringing home a rock that would remind me of this special weekend. My wonderful Raphaela in that moment bent over and picked up a broken, and squared looking rock and handed it to me. I said nothing. This completely blew my mind about the concept of being ONE and being connected. I told her Sunday night what transpired.


RGR_9549I took this the next day. in the same manner and place it happened.

I kept going to the place of “what should I be doing, what is the right thing to do”. Finally, Saturday evening I could no longer sit and began to write and correct the DMP. I just stopped with a quietness like no other. I realized I was looking for approval of others to ensure the things being done would look right. I could see how this is and has been a huge hindrance in my life.

I was here not to impress anyone but to learn something about myself. Well it’s time to go to the store and get some food for My Wonderful Raphaela. I went and since I’ve been practicing being present now-here, I thought Great. Normally I would be friendly and making comments and talking without end in sight. I felt awkward and she would be of help by explaining I made a Vow of silence. Now I felt handicapped, Appreciative of her help, but walking in a terrain totally foreign to me.

We got back and I picked up a Gideon bible left there by a Church. It had some Ideas and questions that I could look up and I did. I first last week had prayed for Wisdom and Truth and that my Gift be set out in clear terms. The first passage I was taken to and read was James 1:5-6 “If any of you lack wisdom, Let him ask………….. OMG there is the same thing as the ROCK given me.

I began to Sit with a whole different set of Ideals present. My emotions are so charged up at that point, if you would have poked me with a needle I would have blown up. The desires I have; begun to flow in groups of visions. I was thinking so quickly I thought my fasting was melting my brain. Then I see myself on a stage giving a talk to thousands and I could write down the words, well I’ve almost finished that. I could see the method of getting there. I can feel my gift in CLEAR terms and the tears messed that up, now everything was blurry for a while.

During a quiet moment, I could feel a level of Peace unmatched in my entire Life. I know that it is not the place we chose to come to. We created it before we arrived. I know there is UGLY out there but I choose to see the BEAUTY and the MIRACLES that surrounds in every moment. I’m so blessed that I was maintaining the vow of silence or I would have started yelling till I passed out. I have no need to look outside of myself to find peace. I hold that within me and take it wherever I go.


The experience of this weekend will fill stories the rest of my life. I gave it all here and planting that; was given more back in a level of abundance that my words or visions can’t express. Or I’d be here writing a novel not a blog. When I broke the silence after 48 hours, I leaned over to my Wonderful Raphaela and said “I Love You Sweetheart” ending the salience as I started it. The Joyful face she had is what I have always been searching for when I take pictures of her. At least I know how to do it again.

I pray the Truth you seek, finds you where you are. I found it to have  always been there.


Week 22 When Peace has fallen on you, what do you say?


I watched the webinar this past Sunday. Frankly I thought Mark had lost it. Doesn’t he know we have this busy life we have created. I have never done such a thing for just me in my life. I have excuses so justified I could have gone to court. Then at some point, my heart shifted and I asked for help from my Wonderful Raphaela.


The idea or vision I had was to go up to a Retreat we have previously visited last year. I sensed Fear of the Unknown. I asked that she help me get the week end. I looked at my calendar and decided to do this no matter what. She found the number and I called and got reservations for Friday night to Sunday afternoon. Then I decided to fast the entire time.

I desire to live in the Present Now-Here, so I did not allow myself to experience the weekend while I’m still home. I asked the Holy Spirit for the Wisdom, Truth, and for the Gift that I’ve been given to be brought out in a clear term. Truth be told here, FEAR is present in me as I am putting this together and doing the small things needing to be done.

Then from nowhere I received a sense of Peace about this Plan/Vision I have. I need paper and a pen to write. I know the answers I seek will be found because I am “working and being that which I want”. Very much like wanting more Love in my Life is not enough, I must BE more Loving to get that. Wisdom is preparing me for this Silence. I am in AWE of how this is coming together, mentally & physically & even more Spiritually.

At this moment as I sit and write, my spirit is in full Gratitude mode. Thankful for this lesson of FEAR, crushed by Love, and correct desire to attain the most I AM. The feeling that I Know this will go well is kinda weird. Strangely I know this is not coming from me. Yes, my study/focus Virtue for the week is Taking Initiative.


I realize many of the ridiculous exercises we’ve done have brought out the best in me. I have formed habits and released many if not all of the bad habits. The total effect has brought me this lesson this week, and it’s not in the course, it is in my life.

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” – – JFK


Your days be full of Joy, Laughter, and Happy