Monthly Archives: April 2016

Week 25 – Transition & Transformation


Today I went to a Movie “God’s not Dead 2” With my Wonderful Raphaela and 5 of our friends from our choir at church. The movie was very well made and we all had moments of sharing tears during this most touching movie.


As we left we were talking like very excited people. We all enjoyed the movie. My thought was what a wonderful opportunity to Practice and Observe myself engaged with friends. My idea for weeks now has been to focus on areas of weakness and improve. I chose to observe myself with: Law of Least Effort: Defenselessness.

We decided to go to the food court and everyone will choose food that pleases them. We got distracted a little and laughed like children.


The conversation was eloquent, deep, funny and at times serious.  I made a statement of my belief, of which my Wonderful Raphaela does not agree with me completely. I said, “we are all one, even when the differences that we see are obvious, in our spirit we are connected with the Creator, made in his image. When we focus on that difference; that grows in us, and we are unable to LOVE truly the one we just judged”

I almost wanted an argument at that point, and expected to have to defend my point of view. Instead I observed that I am presenting myself is such a way that I am accepted when I speak “MY TRUTH”. I was somewhat puzzled and pleased at the same time.


The words I practice and recite every day in my DMP. I live by them. I have had several hours to process this event and the progress that has been made in my life, is quite wonderful. I am grateful to so many and desire to share this GIFT I’ve received.

I listened to Master Key Lesson #2 today and the understanding of the words was breathtaking. I had to stop a few time and walk away with tears. Joyful and happy emotional tears. Grateful that the emotions that I detested most of my life are now holding me up with the strength of a Great Lion.

For me to be able to live with my emotions as I really am, has been the most welcomed benefit of the journey we have made together. The enthusiasm Mark keeps talking about, I have without measure.



I ask you Laugh enthusiastically with me this month. I desire we all be happier than the children, and leave them baffled……………………for once.