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I am thinking most of the Power that has always been there and how I’ve used it. Since I know how to concentrate it and bring my thoughts to a harmonious place, things are just easier.


I have gone back to look at information I’ve read and marveled at the new way I look at things. Wayne Dyer in the book Power of intentions he said “Wisdom is avoiding all thoughts which weaken you”


This stood out for me. I pray for Wisdom most because this as a guiding force in my life will bring about “whatsoever I desire” Everything thing taught in this class is moving me away from weakening thoughts. We normally call it something different. But even choosing a word now is so important.


I am looking at every word in my Definite Major Purpose. I have manifested one of the most important desires of the DMP. Yes, I’m happy about that. But the lesson was a bigger event in my life.


Now I am the master of my Life and an architect of the words that I use. I give myself power or take it away with my words. The renewing of my mind is taking place with such grace, I appreciate all that are helping me in this journey.


I live with peace not available to me before. I could not receive it; because I could not see it. I’ve had success in life because of the persistence of my nature. Our exercise of writing down past success, I thoroughly enjoyed this. I wanted to go back to child hood and make a stack of cards.


Only to realize there are not enough printed within a hundred miles. So I looked at “today only” it was noon. My thought is I could think of 25 or 50 and be done. I felt so empowered that I wanted to jump out of the van and dance on it.


To shorten this event, I will say this. I found several thousand positive things I had accomplished that morning and could not put 5 things that weakened me down. So the exercise was great in teaching myself that I do so many things right and have chosen to make the things that weaken me what I use to dwell on.


I choose the path of strength.

Week 11 – Powerful & Purposeful words.

I am starting to enjoy the work & tasks each day. I felt pressure to get some parts done. The sit at night I’ve fallen asleep several times. Last week when the word Persistence was used, I got it. I am detaching from the EGO more and the engagement with others is changing enormously. I see more than ever before. I can feel what it is that some won’t say with their words. Before that scared me. Now even that has expanded beyond my wildest idea.


I am able to listen completely different than just a few weeks ago. I use to listen like a rattle snake. Ready to strike with my response. I learned many years ago in “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” – about listening to understand. I just was never applying it. Now I listen to what others say and work at truly understanding and if the opportunity to do more is there I’ll repeat what I felt they just said.


The gift of emotions is coming into a place I never understood before. I was missing many opportunities to connect with others because of my fear of my emotions. I was holding so much back that I would be conflicted in my soul. As I’ve embraced and let loose this fear and moved forward with Loving understanding. I have people open up and share with me like when I was a kid.


As I move away from Fear and understand the Law of Growth. I love the Powerful & Purposeful words & affirmations to build my life to match the vision I hold now. I struggle wildly with words now trying to match the vision. Finally, I realized I was moving in a Loving direction as such a pace and failing less that I stopped being critical and accepted the Growth as what is needed.


Tonight my daughter walked in the room and asked a question. I stopped and gave her my complete and undivided attention. We dealt with the issue at hand and when she left, I thought of the time and how it was spent. I am more aware of paying attention then I can ever remember. At work I can focus on anything but at home with family it was hard to deal with the day to day events. My priorities are now in order

Week 10 – Word Architect

Week 10 – Word Architect


After the wonderful observation of last week’s event. I’ve been focused on rewriting the DMP. I had what I thought was a clear picture –vision of what I wanted and where I wanted to go.


The vision in my spirit was very different than the words I put down on paper. I was using weak thoughts and seeking very little. My old blueprint of who I had become we dictating “who you are”. OK I’m getting it a little late in the journey but I got it with a super experience to show me the lessons and how to apply.


As I write my subconscious is churning to provide me with the most powerful set of words and visions I need to be exactly “who I am”. This collection of visions and words are now working on bringing me back to the original me. Frankly that’s scary. I’ve spent a lot of time creating the cement covering just to go back and be real to myself.


The words I put down as an example was: “It makes me happy when, I am completely honest with everything I do.” I have used lies and embellished the truth which is the same for me. Now I’ve changed my DMP to:


Always think & speak only the TRUTH in Love all ways.


            What I have found it that words spoken from the exact vision I have create in me a pause when I’m speaking and thinking. This pause has allowed me to slow down my thinking and use wisdom to choose the appropriate language and thoughts to express.


Then I added this to my Definite Major Purpose:


 Every decision I ask the Holy Spirit:


What is the wise thing to do?


The living out in the real world has been a challenge as I imagine it would be. The absolute JOY I walk in has been worth every single second of work involved. In the beginning of the class it was said that words need to be chosen carefully. 10 weeks later I absolutely understand the Power in words & visions used by me and allowed into my spirt from others.


As I focus on the words, the Law of Growth brings one thing amazingly clear. The better the words and vision I hold consistently all day, will grow and bring me to the person I am in a powerful way. The person that I had become vanishes forever.


                                I AM