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Week 15 WHAT? & BAM!

I am so thrilled reading the posts and learning that we as a class are doing and practicing so much. I was reading the post by masterkeymartin, and had the most wonderful insight to something happening within me. Like Martin, I’m doing the reading and exercises, but when I leave that dimension of my life and am in the real world. I find that the tools I have accepted into my Spirit has grown to a point, I see my Vison, my DMP, for the PPN’s, being manifested before my eyes. I am applying the knowledge like Haanel has stated in the MK.


You say, “what’s the problem?” Well that is not that simple to unpack for me. I am Spiritually lead to Help Others my whole life. I am doing the things I need to be doing and the response I’m getting is improving every day. This activity is so new and brings such Joy, and I’m no longer scared of what’s happening. It is the people I’m around are being blown away. In a positive and good way.  The questions I’ve been getting have given me confirmation that my thoughts are dead on target even when I miss the point of what just happened.


An example is a young man & his wife, I know well, was talking about “nothing” and I asked what was really going on. I did not desire to be Unkind. He opened up and told me exactly the circumstance that was affecting him. I did not tell him what to do, but encouraged him to do things differently. I was connected to this young man and his wife so deeply, that I truly felt I was helping the situation for them. I explained my experience in this class and how the principles will allow him success in this most difficult of tasks ahead of them, if he understands and applies this knowledge. I did not ask permission to publish or share the whole story – – END


So let’s get back to the issue at hand. I decided after the webby to do my virtue list and focus on the #1 for me of Self-Control. My whole being has been in hyper aware mode observing others and myself to grade myself by the end of the day. Now not even at the end of the week and I know that I have great Self-control. In the past I allowed self-talk to be weakening me instead of empowering me. Now I own that gap between circumstances and response with Love & Positively great results.

To say this was easy would be a lie. But to say the week and the lessons were rewarding would be true.  I’ve had many encounters this week and all are good. What’s different is since I am a Technician to begin with, the idea of using the techniques and call them TOOLS is perfect. I Love that, I understand that.  I am aware the issue at hand may need some kind of different approach. OK, here is a tool for that. Before I respond.


So the knowledge I’ve had for ages is now working and I have an understanding of it. I am using and APLLYING the “tools” for the benefit of all concerned. I can listen to total strangers with a complete awareness that I want to understand what they are saying first. Before my mind was working on the perfect response, and when to cut them off.


Taking all the exercises and seeing what doing them has brought me in return, has left an indelible mark on my spirit of how to apply principles to the benefit of all. I feel such a definite switch from learning the principles and practice of the principles to earning the Habit & having the daily use of such Principles. I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving Harmonious, & Happy.




Week 14 “The Break”


We have taken a slight break and not had a web cast last week end. I was out of town for 4 days anyway. So that was a good thing. My focus was to keep up all the assignment’s and my promise to myself. But I had several conflicts to figure out.

When I was in Pittsburgh with a Friend that we’ve not seen for a year and my Wonderful wife Raphaela. Was I supposed to breakaway and complete the reading? That is my promise. I also have the statement in my DMP – “I am with my family with a Loving manner. I slow down and listen to family and Friends.”

            The decision to Love my Family and Friends won. I did my best and did complete 2 of the 3 readings. Reflecting on the days and the outcome. Gave me several lessons. The best was a plan and desire should be firm, clear and steadfast, and the priority in life should be Love.

We all went to Lily’s church and were welcomed there. I had no Fear, that day and the Love within me took over. It seemed like we were there all day, yet spent a little over an Hour. What’s new is that I was present for every second except when the Pastor asked us to greet some of our neighbors. I didn’t hear it that way.

Lily sternly said “Robert” as I was mingling around saying Good Morning and shaking everyone’s hand. I looked up and the Pastor was waiting for just me to sit down. I met the most incredible couple that morning and thanked them for coming. As we left I received the most precious and wonderful compliment form Lily. I said Thank You, but stayed quiet.

What is happening to me was what I thought. My focus is on the moment and being present and not thinking of other things. The Joy was a complete overwhelming experience. I’ve still have that. I was able to see, and feel exactly the path and journey that I chose has manifested what I most desired. Yet I was not quite catching up to that fact.

I am growing at a speed that I don’t even recognize me anymore. I don’t have a comfort zone, because every inch of ground I’m on is new and so exciting that it took my Wonderful Raphaela and our Friend Lily to show me that.

I sit and tears of Joy blur my vision, as I write, and I no longer fret that, I’ve learned to embrace my emotions also, completely.


Week 13.5 A Movie called “RUDY”

I Just got home from 4-day trip and had a slight headache and was tired so I decided to rest and watch the movie Rudy. This was part of an assignment for class and I chose to kill 2 birds with one stone. Rest and watch this movie from 2000 of a story that really happened 1975. OK no excitement here.

It started with the character being really young and being put down because of a Dream he had. He wanted to play for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. He played football in high school, and was 5’7” tall and 165 pounds.  The dream continued as he went to work with his Father at a Steel Mill. Only had one friend who encouraged him and gave him a Notre Dame Jacket.

One day this friend was killed in an industrial accident. At the funeral he decided to take the risk and just go for the Dream. He left everything behind and went to South bend Indiana, to join the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

He met an old priest who told him the only way would be to go to a junior College for several semesters to qualify for Notre Dame School. This Priest became a mentor and Master mind for him.

Rudy was rejected for years to even be able to go to the School Notre Dame. He found a job on the football field with an old Janitor who mentored him and never told his story till the end.

Finally, with all the planning, a burning desire and help of the Old priest, he was accepted into Notre Dame. He barely got a spot on the Football team but only as a practice dummy and beat up for 2 years.

He went to the coach at the time and asked if he could dress out in one game and coach agreed to one game in the next year’s season. Rudy was so happy then. The Coach quit and the new Coach did not want to hear of it.

In the last game that Rudy would even be eligible to play the players and crowd began to chant his name Rudy, Rudy, Rudy. If I wasn’t so comfortable and warm in bed with my Wonderful Raphaela I would have jumped up and began cheering myself. They were winning and it got down to the last 15 Seconds of the game. The coach let him play. The Players carried him off the field, being the only time that’s happened since 1975.

In the special features the REAL RUDY was interviewed. It was a humbling moment to see someone portrayed bigger than life itself in a movie and the real person be an unassuming sort.

I must say the most of all inspiring things of this movie and my “take away” was that he never opened his mind to the Naysayers and kept the Dream. He only made it for 15 seconds on the field, but fulfilled his life’s dream. He wanted his dad to see him run out of the tunnel and play for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. He did.

I pray that my courage and persistence will match or surpass this devotion to my Dream.


Week 13 – OK Life just got fun


I sat down to write this and finish my reading early this Happy Christmas day. I rewrote the DMP, BPB, POA cards, flash Cards (added to) Rewrite the GS #3. Then I redid all of the recordings to match the thoughts that I had of empowering me words. Ok work and some time.

As I woke up and spent time with all the different activities of the day with my family. I felt a peace over me that has been growing. I only know that the work and practice I’m doing is paying off in subtle ways. Almost all the thoughts that I found were “Weakening me” I’ve been able to change to “empowering Me”

The effect is magnifying the Love I have already within me. The emotions I’ve been hiding (in my mind) are coming out and allowing me to enjoy the sharing of Love with the family that I do Love. So many things are changing at one time that I look at the DMP and wonder why has this been so powerful in my hands.

I have been making all kind of mistakes with the DMP. I took out the words 2 months ago about wanting to be medication free. The vision I have of True Health never changed. I am medication free and totally Healed. But the internal changes that bring out a Kind nature that I’ve hidden for too long is showing me a power of Helping Others beyond the words of my DMP, yet are in my vision of Helping Others.

I am in such turmoil to perfect the words of the DMP to match my vision that I totally lost focus on the work at hand today. I will say the lessons I’ve experienced in the last few weeks has taken me down a path I’ve never been on.   To see the simple and tiny amounts of work produce such results. I absolutely must admit I am working to be the Best me and the real me and just who I am.

When I heard the words of “Law of Attraction”. I didn’t get it. Now I see it, I feel it, they tell me about it and on and on. As I engage people without all the crap I had built into the cement Buddha the reaction I have been getting is so empowering and humbling that I just cry at times. Now I hide nothing and don’t attach any feeling to that which is real in me. If they ask and they do, they engage a powerful being now, that sometimes scares me, and I see acceptance where I had none before.

My thought now is much simpler. I am created by God in his image. So I live in that wonder and Truth with Love in my heart. OK Life just got fun.