Week 10 – Word Architect

Week 10 – Word Architect


After the wonderful observation of last week’s event. I’ve been focused on rewriting the DMP. I had what I thought was a clear picture –vision of what I wanted and where I wanted to go.


The vision in my spirit was very different than the words I put down on paper. I was using weak thoughts and seeking very little. My old blueprint of who I had become we dictating “who you are”. OK I’m getting it a little late in the journey but I got it with a super experience to show me the lessons and how to apply.


As I write my subconscious is churning to provide me with the most powerful set of words and visions I need to be exactly “who I am”. This collection of visions and words are now working on bringing me back to the original me. Frankly that’s scary. I’ve spent a lot of time creating the cement covering just to go back and be real to myself.


The words I put down as an example was: “It makes me happy when, I am completely honest with everything I do.” I have used lies and embellished the truth which is the same for me. Now I’ve changed my DMP to:


Always think & speak only the TRUTH in Love all ways.


            What I have found it that words spoken from the exact vision I have create in me a pause when I’m speaking and thinking. This pause has allowed me to slow down my thinking and use wisdom to choose the appropriate language and thoughts to express.


Then I added this to my Definite Major Purpose:


 Every decision I ask the Holy Spirit:


What is the wise thing to do?


The living out in the real world has been a challenge as I imagine it would be. The absolute JOY I walk in has been worth every single second of work involved. In the beginning of the class it was said that words need to be chosen carefully. 10 weeks later I absolutely understand the Power in words & visions used by me and allowed into my spirt from others.


As I focus on the words, the Law of Growth brings one thing amazingly clear. The better the words and vision I hold consistently all day, will grow and bring me to the person I am in a powerful way. The person that I had become vanishes forever.


                                I AM    








13 thoughts on “Week 10 – Word Architect

    1. masterkeyrea Post author

      Dawn, As you pray for Wisdom, know you will receive what you need in a very abundant way. It may be more than you think you asked for. The direction we are led by the Spirit when we are in harmony is perfect and scary (for me). I prayed for Wisdom and had my wife go with me to be prayed over, because I was afraid the tears would start and I would have to leave. So she went and asked for me, to put it truthfully. What I have received words are not designed to express that exactly. I have received more than my little mind of that time could even think of. So you know, prepare for things and Believe. What you desire is already created, you must only receive it. That is what I was told and could not receive it at the moment. How quickly the spirit we hold can guide us into Power.


  1. Bob Watkins

    Robert, I always love reading your post for the simple fact that you really are courageous in putting to the world your truth. Thank you for leading in such a sincere and admirable way… “Truth Master” !

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    1. masterkeyrea Post author

      Bob, I’m honored with your compliment & words. I am doing the work and we are all in the battle together. I have read many blogs and find the struggle looks different, yet is Truthfully the same. We are all thinking and rearranging our lives. We have some words which express what it is we think is going on. We all fail there. Words are weak compared to the vision of most. Reading the words to discover the feeling that put them there is an art form. As we proceed through the process, and wonder at the question are we measuring up. I see everyone including the ones that quit, better than the day we started. This journey does not end with graduation – it begins a new chapter. I am so ready,


  2. Kelvin

    Hi, Robert! We just met but I like what you had to say. I like the authenticity from which you speak, I like that you were strong enough to recognize your weakness and take it straight on. The concrete you’re breaking out of, when crushed, will make good sand to place around your pool 🙂 Have a beautiful day.

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    1. masterkeyrea Post author

      Kelvin, Thank You for the beauty in the words of your reply. I’ve just had a struggle of a day and came home and started reading and emails and came across your comment. The power in your words are needed so I thank
      you again. You made my day Beatuiful

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  3. debarnell

    Robert…Amen…by the way have you seen Wayne Dyer’s, “I Am” long but worth the time!
    I AM is another name of God… I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious, and Happy…Sweet! Words…Words…YAY!

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    1. masterkeyrea Post author

      Debbie, Yes I have and it’s copied on the computer and the meditations he did. “I AM THAT, I AM” are very powerful words spoken by our creator. I think and plan on using only powerful words in my thinking and speaking. It’s new and when I make it work right, I get so happy inside I want to just blow up. Happy to be alive.



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