Week 7 The diet oh how Wonderful

Week 7 The diet


I heard Mark J on the intro video. Then I read the diet’s instructions. I am still laughing. I let you know if I get it or not. 1st. I’m getting use to the idea of focusing on giving no opinions and now this. In the application I found myself to be more negative than I’ve ever accepted


Ok this took a while but I can see the beauty of being in the place I want to be I need to change something in a big way. WOW Thursday was my first day to make it 24 hours on the mental diet. And now I’m getting home late from a conference and need to finish the blog for the week and I’m running strong and positive. Made it 48 hours.


I found the 7 Laws of the Mind helped when I applied the Law of substitution and the Law of Relaxation. Over all this made this week mentally a work out. I was over working the mind to make it happen. When I relaxed and took time before I reacted I did fine. My issue is the driving mostly. I thought it was “without” and thanks to the continued reading and looking “within” I was able to apply the solution.


I feel great and at peace with the Diet and the class. I enjoyed the sit time so much. My grandma who died 30+ years ago joined me in a session of visualization. I felt so happy to tell her about my life and the changes I’ve made and asked her how it was going up in heaven. Delightful exercise. I still Love my Mama Wren. I’m glad the lady called in on the webby and asked if the person must be alive to continue with the exercise.


More each day the 2nd scroll is melting the cement of my hardened heart. I’m able to observe more and truly move in the positive attitude and be kind. Loving all of mankind is now possible in my thoughts. I struggled with the concept at first and realized the effort put out by so many souls I don’t even see is giving me this opportunity. I also found I tied into all this the “be the nonjudgmental Observer” and stopped doing something very subtle in my life.


I appreciate people past and present more than ever. I’m more thankful for all I have and am being given. I’m so glad the world is changing for me this fast.


Thank You for all who are participating in this class.

7 thoughts on “Week 7 The diet oh how Wonderful

  1. thevacationlifestyle

    Wow! That was amazing! So many realizations….the negative seems to really want to come out when we are paying attention to it…a battle begins! I loved that you sat with your grandmother. I really had a challenge even coming up with someone to sit with. Changed it a few times. And your feelings about scroll 2 are so cool….you are releasing and embracing your new thoughts. How awesome! Thank you so much for sharing! I cannot wait to read what you share next! Blessings!


  2. Dennis

    Hey Robert – loved your post on Week 7! The negative thought thing is tough – I agree – I struggled this week to keep switching within the 7 seconds and must admit – didn’t always make it. lol. Great to see you blogging so well. later


  3. debarnell

    I love that you sat with Mama Wren! I struggled to find someone to sit with and I kept asking…and as you know…and we both are realizing again and again…it came…someone out of the blue asked me! YAY! Thanks for your thoughts!


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  5. masterkeyrea Post author

    Thank You Debbie, there is so much to experience as we shut down that which we can do without. I’m doing well on the Diet now and my thinking is slowing down to the point I can see more…………..


  6. Daryl Peterson

    Yes, the Law of Substitution is also helping me as well. Like you I didn’t realize how negative I have been. It is a struggle for me but good examples like you tell me I can be successful at dismissing the negativity. Thanks!

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