Week 6 “Digging in the MUD”

Week 6


Reading the “Law of Compensation” now the 3nd time this week. It seems as wise thing to do, and each time, I see the contents differently. I’m open to new. I no longer fighting the language of old but appreciate the underling meaning. I plan on reading in the morning when the openness of thought is wider than at night filtered by the day’s events.


I finally have gotten over the resistance of wanting it the old way. That is my old blueprint of life for me. I am so far outside of my comfort zone that I get glimpses of who I am under all the masks and lies I’ve made for who knows what reason. I truly am enjoying life, the people I meet, basically everyone. At first my thought is the class is changing the world and I felt thankful. Finally the way it should always have been.


Then I observed a little more deeply at myself and what’s been happening with all the different exercises. I remembered the words of several people of the last class and the words “life changing” rang out many times. This is more than that, it may defy my being able to describe it. Here goes:


I was young and went through many trails. Some making me stronger some made me lash out and do unwise things. Behind it all there was me. The true person God intended me to be with a purpose. As I finished school and left home to conquer the world. I soon realized I was poorly prepared for task at hand. Getting married and having children shifted the focus. Going through several divorces change the focus and Hate was now a daily activity in my life.


I had all the information to succeed. I’ve known success and failure. I got back up after a failure. My focus was always on the fire to be put out before me. Leadership classes and books would bore you with such details. Most of the information was just that. Information, and feel like I was drowning in it.


Before this class started I prayed for Wisdom. Long story. I was offered a chance to come to this class. I saw the “Open Door” and with some skepticism, I applied. I was committed to improve my life no matter what happened in the class. Then it hit me. I received exactly what I prayed for and did not recognize it for what it was.


I feel now that Wisdom has surrounded me and lifted me up and carried me through the ignorance I was allowing in my life. The difference in this class is so simple I can describe it and most will dismiss it. We are staying with the thought, ideas and exercises long enough for it to enter our minds and affect us for more than a week after completion.


One of the classes I attended was Rapport Leadership. Of which I attended two different modules. They were 3-4 days long. Wonderfully prepared and presented. I felt like a king when I left. Then life being what it is and the habits we never dealt with came in and destroyed my accomplishment with my help, I don’t think I actually knew that at the moment.


We are in the 6th week of class and have 18 more to go that I know of. As for me and my house. We will continue this for the rest of our lives and hand it down to all whom we contact.


Personally this is more than “life changing” more like digging in the mud and finding the most valuable treasure I’ve ever known. Then realizing I can truly help others in life because I’ve received something real, I’ve got myself back. I can share with you anything I actually possess.


6 thoughts on “Week 6 “Digging in the MUD”

  1. debarnell

    LOVE this digging! Yes it truly has transformed me! You know what…even your ability to write your thoughts is so spot on! Thank you again for sharing!


    1. masterkeyrea Post author

      Debbie, thank you for the time you take out of you day. I can’t wait til we can share a family day together. Your family and mine in the park barefoot……………………


  2. 52grossmasterkey

    Thank you so much for the honesty in your blog. I know I can apply many of these same things in my life. Thank you for your inspiration!



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