Week 3 Feels MY BRAIN is still here I think!!!

Week 3 Feels Like a marble in a tin can, MY BRAIN.

I’m reading, rewriting the DMP. Every time I think I’m done I’m not. I want it to express my core needs in a way it take me and our family where we should be. I’ve never really taken this kind of time and thought about what I want for me. I’ve done a lot more for work and others. Today I was going to stop and do the DMP just on getting DMP done perfectly. Well I had to laugh – still laughing. I did focus on it and my brain feels tired. I always keep my promises. So I’ll get ER Done.

I’m having fun with the “do it now” by singing it in a different voice every time. Actually sounds good to me using the 99 bottles of bear melody. Sometimes I’m Yogi talking to BOO BOO the bear. Glad nobody is listening while I’m driving.

Now I absolutely understand what is going on in my life in just a few weeks. I have replaced meaningless desires and choices with Wisdom. I prayed for wisdom and have received it and not how I expected. In the first Scroll it mentions Wisdom 3 times and now I absolutely get the difference of reading and receiving the gift.

Goodness I’d be happy right now if I could just get straight what I want. I thought that would be the easiest and I’m resisting with the old blueprint. I am getting it but not putting it on paper. Then our precious Mark says that indecision is the trademark of a Control Freak. Yikes nailed it. OK I’m over it. I’ll clear my mind and take time to focus on exactly what I want, how to write that out. & “do it now”

I am changing nearly every aspect of my life. I’ve stopped watching TV & radio entirely before the class started. I have found it hard to believe how much time I have now to get things done. Then I realized by something Mark J. said about the media. The amount of negative bombardments I was suffering every day was no less than horrendous. I’m much more positive and focused. I thought I would be left out of so much. Really I have time to sit and spend time having dinner with my family. I was faking BUSY, now that I look back.

I am happy and completely enthusiastic about the changes being made in my life. Looking for what is within is so new to me that I draw a blank at time. When I take it out to the end of next year. Done with class, GS, and chance to work exclusively on my new business, spending time with my family like I should have been doing all along. And yes retiring soon. What I see is where I should have been many, many years ago.

Now I’ll correct all that and allow my Light to shine brightly like never before

Care and Blessing to all


3 thoughts on “Week 3 Feels MY BRAIN is still here I think!!!

  1. debarnell

    Robert! YES!!! I love this post! Thanks so much for the lessons you are teaching me! We have all the time we need! I’m so excited to be on this journey with you! I wish I could hear Yogi Bear version…I put it to music as well…Kelly Clarkson’s BreakAway! I love it!

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  2. masterkeyrea Post author

    Thank You Debbie, When we meet we can sing “do it now” in Yogi & Boo Boo voice on a street corner. For now I’ve been hiding in my van traveling to work or back.

    God bless you and all the issues you’ve had this week

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