Week 2 Super Collider of Emotions

I am a Service Technician. I was leaving a call and a lady who merely observed me while caring out my activities of work. She sked a question, I received it a compliment. She said, “How can I get ½ of your enthusiasm”. My response even surprised me. I said the world is full of evidence, good & bad. I choose now to focus on the good in people, I look for all the good in the world. As you add these choices over time you will have a Habit (I know where that came from). At some point even with negative things all around you; a smile will dress your face and choose the Good that is also all around you and even more abundant than bad. Thank You Have a Great Day. I left to put my tools away.

Well in my Van I had time to think about what just happened. I am no longer flooding my mind with negative things. I have time to clear my mind after difficult calls. Over all I’m more at peace than I’ve ever been. I gave up TV and Radio. With no understanding how much this would help me and those around me.

But today I was spending time driving & thinking of the wonderful classes I’ve taken on leadership, Family workshops with my Wife. Countless books and POSIVIVE statements. Something is different, with MKMMA. I would leave the Legendary Leadership class feeling like I was the new OWNER of the world. Over time that would diminish, because I was being told what to think, when to think and on and on. Here with less than 2 complete weeks I’m developing a habit that inspires others that don’t even know me. Well Life Changing, excited and a lot of the power words just don’t hit the mark. I need another explanation for what’s going on inside me. FIRE is more like it.

I have superb Gifts and talents and wasted them focusing on Feeling good and making choices for that moment. I KNOW that what I’m doing now and the habits based on principles will leave a LEGACY for all who know me. This touches me to the extreme and tears fall of pure joy. I feel sad that I’ve wasted so much time, yet so happy I can’t sleep well yet. I can see my path and improving and leaving no song unsung in my life.

I was working on my DMP and the words keep flying in and out of my mind and by the time it’s on paper, I want to change something. I desire with my whole being to always attempt to be a Light where ever I go and leave everyone better off and the words elude me. Sometime the words just don’t do justice to the emotions.

This is starting to look like a WILDFIRE and SOUND like a tin can with a marble in it.

Thank You for spending the time to read this.



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