Week 1 Transformed by the Renewing of your Mind

Week 1

Transformed by the Renewing of your Mind.

I began searching and looking for a way to present my business in an honest fashion. I finally found Mark J. and loved his site and the information. What a breath of fresh air. I thoroughly enjoyed learning and watching his videos.

Well came a time he offered the MKMMA course and was afraid this would be another big waste. I accepted the offer of signing up. Just a good feeling I had. Well here I am with the first week. How I wish I was given words to express the wonder I have found in me. I was impressed with the straight forward and Truth used in the material and presentation. I am a technician and tend to rip everything down to the core. So I can understand it. This in just the first week was deeper than I’ve seen or imagined. I’m so thrilled I’ve been having a major problem with just sleeping at night. Oh I’m in bed but the mind is traveling around the universe 8 million miles an hour.

I’ve haven’t felt so alive and focused in such a long time it would be foolish to admit it. My wife helped with some of the wording and gave me the best and most loving compliment in years about the effort and desire I was showing towards her and the family. I have seen changes in my thinking and have not the slightest clue why yet. I will say I am on the right track. My heart is at peace and that only happens when I doing the right thing for the right reason and hold nothing back. The Guides that are behind this are not shoving this down with sweet pills. I’m being taught how to dig in to and use what I already have.

Well the moment of sadness hit when I realized how much time has passed with my thoughts guiding me in the wrong direction. So if you hear loud horrible screeching outside somewhere. It’s me stopping the planet and changing us back to the right way of thinking and a direction admirable for all. Hold on to your hats. I’m not done

I thank you for listening, your welcome back anytime

Robert Rea

7 thoughts on “Week 1 Transformed by the Renewing of your Mind

  1. jwinnifred

    I understand your reasoning Robert, I too surmise about all the misguided actions/ thoughts that and errors that were made by my misguided thoughts, but we are here now and it is only good judgements and good habits.



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